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I have been developing my art for many years now. Coming from Liverpool, where I had my first studio, my initial interest was in the figure and exploring notions of 'the self'. I was fascinated by flesh and bone, the tactility of the body.


When I moved to Birmingham these themes have continued, but my interest in the landscapes around us started to develop, not just physically, in its beauty and depth, but also in the psychological aspects, the mythologies and religions.               


Within the landscape we also see clearly the transitionary nature of time. This body of work, though varied, comes from many days spent being in and a part of the landscape. Walking, seeing, touching, sensing: the feelings of awe, wonder, escape and timelessness. 

In particular, it is mans relationship within the land, how we have forged and created what we see today. Hedge rows, crumbled walls, farm ruins. When you come across an old building, a ruin, you can not help but wonder about what once was, and who? You see a fragment, a now vanished moment, history which exists no more. Absence.

Most of the work is developed using paint, predominantly oil paint, with drawing being ever present. Oil paint has a great physical quality which I like, the layering of it on paper or canvas is building time into the work.

I currently have a studio at Tindell studios, Birmingham, and also teach drawing, painting and Fine Art.


2016: Centrala, Digbeth, Birmingham

2015: Emporium Gallery and Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield

2014: Highbury Theatre, Birmingham

2013: Ludlow Festival, Ludlow

2012: Minerva Works, Digbeth, Birmingham

2010: Vine St, Shoreditch, London

2009: Ico Gallery, New York

2008: The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Western-Super-Mare

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